How To Start A Fairy Garden House

A fairy house might have a mossy roof, or it may be covered in tree leaves or flower Some people have even used pinecone tine shingles, twigs or sticks on their roofs. You can use anything your imagination can conjure up, to top your miniature fairy house.

The supplies you need to get started are a wooden birdhouse, colourful silk flowers, small artificial birds, tiny terra cotta pots, dried pods, moss, twigs, a small terra cotta tray, wire snips and a hot glue gun.

Start by gluing the pods to the birdhouse. I chose to use the back of the birdhouse as my fairy house. That way I did not have to try to hide the bird hole. The pods were glued to the front and side of the birdhouse.

Condensed Directions

1. Hot glue gun the pods to the birdhouse front and sides. 2. Create the door by snipping the ends from several twigs and gluing them to each other and then to the pods. 3. Remove the centre from a colourful artificial flower and adhere it to the door to serve as a doorknob. 4. Glue moss sheets or bunches to the eaves and around the house. 5. Glue moss to the roof and the back of the house. 6. Apply moss to the bottom ledge of the house and cover all exposed wood. 7. Make a ladder by cutting a twig into two equal lengths. Then, cut shorter pieces to use as rungs. Hot glue the ladder together. 8. Glue some flowers and a little bird to the house. 9. You can make a birdhouse by taking the tray and gluing it to the base of the terra cotta pot. Stick one of the small birds to the rim of the tray and then glue one in the tray, so that it looks like it's taking a bath. 10. On the outside of the house, you can position twigs in the ground to make it look like there are trees growing around the house. 11. Position the ladder against the fairy house, place the bird bath near the house and create a path to the ladder using pebbles. You can fill in any empty space with moss.

Then you can add flowers, the bird and other gardening decorations to the house.