Your Guide To Selecting Planning Applications Maps

If you are working on a home improvement project, you may need planning application maps in order to get permission to start the job. Thankfully, maps like this are fairly easy to get a hold of and in fact, you should be able to order everything that you need online from a company that is licensed to supply Ordnance Survey maps.

Keep these things in mind as you order your maps, they will help you to obtain the kind of map that you need.

1. Choose The Location For Your Map

Determine the actual location for your map before you order it. Do you need a map to cover a small area, or a large one? What are do you want the map to be centred on? You should have a number of location options available to you. Determine the location that best fits your needs and shows the actual location that your proposed project is going to be.

2. Choose The Scale Of The Map

Figure out the best scale for your map. If your map is going to be focused on a small area, then a larger scale might be best. If the map is focused on large area, a smaller scale might be the best fit. However, do take not of the requirements of the planning department, they may well specify the scale that they want the map to be and if it is not of that scale, you might have your planning permission denied before you even start. Think about the kind of details you need to be able to see in your map. Select a scale that will let you see everything that you need to.

3. Choose The Right File Type

You need to make sure that you can use the map you order. Make sure you select the appropriate file type, whether that file type is DWG, PDF, or TIFF. If you’re not sure what kind of file type you should order, take a look at the program that you’re going to be using to open the map. Find out what kinds of files are compatible with it.

4. Consider Buying Multiple Maps

You may want to order maps in multiple file types. This will give you a lot of flexibility and will allow you to use your maps in whichever programs you choose. Additionally, you may want to think about purchasing multiple maps at the same time. If you get more than one map at once, you may be able to save some extra cash. Decide how many maps you’d like to order before making your final purchase.

5. Order Your Maps And Start Downloading

Once you’ve selected all the maps that you want, you can order them and start downloading the files. If you have a fast connection, you should have your maps in a matter of seconds. Downloading planning application maps can be very simple. Before long, you’ll have your maps and can start working on your project.

Being able to download maps like this has made life much easier for businesses in the construction industry. Get all of the maps that you need so that you can complete your jobs quickly and easily. Digital maps are not only convenient, they are easy to work with and make creating building plans much simpler.

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