What Is The Best Time Of Year Purchase Home Appliances

Everyone loves to get a great deal and save some extra money. Updating your home with new appliances in the kitchen can sometimes break the bank. However, if you are familiar when the best time of year to buy appliances is you can literally save hundreds of dollars. Luckily for us a lot of research has already been done on this topic. These research institutes have discovered that if you decide to purchase your appliances online, retailers are more likely to have their biggest sales around Thanksgiving. If Thanksgiving is far off and you need to buy new appliances before this time of year then they suggest buying on a Thursday towards the end of the month.

We realize this is very specific but the research has shown that retailers tend to have the biggest sales on these days. However, this is specifically for online purchasing. Believe it or not, if you going in to a retail store to purchase your appliances you need to follow another set of rules. The case studies from marketing experts have shown that in store purchases during holidays and specifically three day weekends are when the steepest discounts happen.

As with everything in life timing is everything. If you want to get that perfect grill to cookout for the Fourth of July you should head over to the store on Labor Day or Memorial Day. These two holidays offer the best deals not only for grills but for purchasing a refrigerator as well. It is interesting to find out this data from the research. However, there are reasons for this. Not only do a lot of families gather together to cookout during these holidays but the manufacturers usually release the new grill and refrigerator models during September. They will in turn reduce the price of last years model.

In order to protect your appliance for years to come you might want to consider purchasing an extended warranty. Almost every appliance will come with a standard one year warranty. However, the little extra money that you spend on the extended warranty can really pay off in the long run. A simple service call to diagnose a problem for an appliance can be $75 or more. When you have an extended warranty, this will be covered and nothing extra out of pocket will be required. Research has also shown that appliances that have the extended warranty purchased with it last longer. This is because most extended warranties come with standard yearly maintenance for free. This will include coil cleaning in refrigerators and standard service which produces longevity for the appliance.